It can keep your customers – existing and potential - informed of news and special offers
It allows you to promote your products and services cost effectively
You can allow potential customers to sign up for an E-brochure or Autoresponder ensuring they receive information about you and your products and services quickly and efficiently – it doesn’t matter if you are on holiday or off sick – the information is sent automatically
It can increase repeat custom
It can promote further advertising as people forward their emails on
It maintains awareness of your website, products and services
Builds loyalty and brand awareness

Opt-in email marketing works!
(Reuters) - DoubleClick Inc, an Internet advertising company, recently released a survey showing that email promotions can yield merchants strong results.
The company said a survey of more than 1,000 Internet users found that more than 82 percent of them had made a purchase online during the past year as a result of some sort of advertisement they received through email. That compared with 61 percent in the year before.

The study found that 37 percent of shoppers made an immediate, or impulse, purchase in response to an email promotion, up from 20 percent last year.

an Email newsletter is
now a proven and very powerful sales and marketing tool.

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