Q. What can I do with my existing Data lists?
A. Your existing mailing lists or existing data can be imported via a simple upload facility.
NB – IDMail is an opt in service – please see the Terms and Conditions
Q. How can I monitor the success of my emailings?
A. There are optional statistics to allow you to track 'click throughs' and the success of your mailings.
Q. What happens if I have more than one categorised list of data?
A. That’s ok – you can hold up to 5 lists per account your hold. So if you wish to have one list for existing clients, one list for prospective clients, Christmas Card list etc, you can do so. You have full control over this.
Q. Will I know if anyone unsubsribes?
A. Yes – a report is available which will show you any “bounced” or “unsubsribed” email addresses.
Q. Am I limited to the number of times I can use it?
A. No – you can use the system as often as you wish.
Q. Am I limited to the amount of recipients I wish to email?
A. The system does monitor how many recipients you are emailing and dependent on the number there is a cost associated to this. Costs start from £19.95 (+ VAT for UK/EU companies) or 29.95 US$ for upto 1500 email addresses. Click Here for a further details.
Q. How much will the IDMail system cost me?
A. The monthly fee is £19.95 (+ VAT for UK/EU companies) or 29.95 US$ for upto 1500 email addresses. The more email addresses you have the higher the cost – Click Here for further details.
Q. Is the software easy to install?
A. There is NO software to install! It is all run from our servers. We will provide you with your own code and password and as long as you have access to the Internet you can manage your Account and Management screens at any time - 24/7.

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